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Our Story

Founded By Lucy Miller

When Lucy Miller was a freshman in high school, she met a very special young man that changed her life. He was funny, handsome, bright , loving and so very kind yet had few friends. Then she met his classmates and it seemed to be the same thing . The more time she spent with David and these very special happy people, she quickly discovered there was an overwhelming and undeniable need for friendship, acceptance and most importantly, inclusion with the rest of the high school students. Lucy set out to do something about it and orchestrated several proms and dances during her four years at North Gwinnett High School . David and his friends were crowned Prom kings and queens at their Senior prom. He joined the North Gwinnett Bulldogs on the field every Friday night as a team manager.  She enlisted everyone she knew to help create every available opportunity to promote friendship and inclusion for David and the many other young people with disabilities in our community. What happened next was not at all surprising to Lucy. There was a notable change in her group of friends as well as their new buddies. Those serving and volunteering with these awesome young people were better for it . They learned the importance of giving unconditionally as well as a new sense of understanding and happiness . It was pretty incredible to see the powerful impact inclusion had on so many.  Now a sophomore in college, Lucy is pursuing her passion to build an organization that will support those who she deems “the happiest people on earth” well beyond the high school years. She calls it inclusion for life. With the help of her amazing community, she has founded Happy Feat, a non-profit organization 501(c) 3 whose mission is: “To bring happiness, value and love to each and every one of our special needs friends and their communities through friendship, happy events and inclusion.”

Happy Feat brings young people together not just for fun events and friendship but Lucy’s dream is to create a day program for the happiest people to give of themselves which in turn will make the happiest communities. Our vision is to provide fun inclusive programs to support our incredible friends and their communities in these three critical areas: education, employment and life enrichment opportunities. Lucy strongly believes that the more exposure that people with disabilities have, the more accepting people become and with that comes more opportunities and more love for our special friends.  We are on a mission and its pretty simple  – create inclusive opportunities for the world to see that those with disabilities are beautiful, valuable and capable.


If you know Lucy or David you know that their devotion and love with one another, has been life changing. It is a known fact that friendship plays such a huge role in everyone’s life. It is good for one’s heart and soul. Experts say when one has no friends, life spans are significantly reduced. Even so, the social networks of friends for people with disabilities are much smaller than your average person.  Why is that? Having an extra special friend isn’t always easy but we can guarantee you that it will be the most rewarding thing you will ever do. It brings perspective, self-worth, compassion and  happiness to everyone involved. HappyFeat understands the importance of not only inclusion but genuine relationships and the vital role it plays in building a happy, thriving and sustainable community.  Our Happy Friends Program pairs people with disabilities with a “Buddy” in the community allowing Lucy and David’s story to come to life over and over again.  If you or someone you know wants to be a Happy Friend or a buddy, this is your time to be a part of the movement –  Be Happy, be kind, be a friend because the  happiest people are making the happiest communities.

Recent & Upcoming Events


We want our special friends, with their kind souls and infectious smiles, to always have opportunities for fun. Too often, not only do they lack the opportunity to participate in routine daily events most average people take for granted, they are even less likely to have opportunities for life enrichment. Whether it is a dance, a camp or an activity based adventure, the objective is always the same -to have crazy fun , enjoy quality friendships and spread their happiness wherever they go. So check out some upcoming events  and c’mon get happy with us!

Happy Golf Tournament

Tuesday, March 26, 2019
River Club, Suwanee, GA

Happy Camp (7 weeks)

June 3rd-June 30th, 2019
July 8th – July 26th, 2019
Monday-Friday 9am-4pm

Happy Halloween Party

Date: TBD

Jingle in the Park

5K run – Saturday, December 7, 2019
Marketplace & Foodtrucks – Sunday, December 8, 2019

Town Center Park, Suwanee, GA

Happy Gala

Friday, January 24, 2020
River Club, Suwanee, GA

Night to Shine Prom

Friday, February 7, 2020
Gwinnett Church, Sugar Hill, GA

Day Program

Coming Soon…An invitation to come play with us

What Lucy learned by volunteering in the special needs community is that sadly there was a lack of affordable programs to support her beautiful friends, especially after they reached the age of 22.  The Day Program is designed to provide a place where young adults with disabilities can go during the day to have fun, volunteer or work.  Lucy’s vision is that this program will serve as the centerpiece of the Happy Feat Foundation. To meet one of the greatest needs present, Lucy’s dream is that the Day Program will be based on a participant’s ability to pay so that all are welcome. Simply,  those who can afford to pay will be encouraged to do so, allowing those who are in need of financial assistance to be supported as well. For more information on the Day Program, email dayprogram@happyfeat.org.




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